17mm Deployant Clasp?

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    17mm Deployant Clasp?

    I am considering replacing a 19mm bracelet with a strap and deployant buckle. The straps I'm looking at have a standard 17mm buckle. When looking for a replacement deployant buckle, they all seem to be even sizes, so I need a little help figuring out my options...
    • Am I going to have to remain diligent and find a 17mm buckle? Any suggestions where to look?
    • Is this all but undoable?
    • Do I get a 20mm strap and trim it down to fit my watch, but end up with an 18mm buckle?
    • Do I get a 19mm strap and trim it down to fit a 16mm buckle?
    • Do I get a 19mm strap and pair it with an 18mm buckle?

    Any guidance appreciated.

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    Re: 17mm Deployant Clasp?

    I've never seen a 17mm deployant clasp. That isn't to say they don't exist, but I wouldn't have a suggestion where to find one. Is the 19/17mm strap you're looking at the only strap you would consider putting on the watch?

    A much easier solution would be to find a 19mm strap that's either 16mm or 18mm at the buckle end and get a 16mm or 18mm deployant clasp.

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    Re: 17mm Deployant Clasp?

    Easier to put a larger strap on a smaller clasp (We are only talking about a 1mm difference) than visa versa.
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    Re: 17mm Deployant Clasp?

    Thanks for your input guys. With a little more looking, I've found a couple of straps I like, one of which is 18mm at the buckle and one of which is 16mm at the buckle. Problem solved.

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