20mm nato on 18mm lugs
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Thread: 20mm nato on 18mm lugs

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    20mm nato on 18mm lugs

    hey friends ... I understand it's not alot of money ... but I already have several 20mm nato straps .... and I have a very inexpensive watch coming in that has an 18mm strap ... do any of you have experience trying to fit a 20mm nato on 18mm lugs .... I know the easiest option is to purchase an 18mm ... but I'm tyring not to to do that for such a cheap watch .... thanks in advance ...

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    Re: 20mm nato on 18mm lugs

    Depends on the type of strap. Could be a tight fit, could work, you will just have to try. Most only try a 1mm change, not a 2mm difference, so give it a shot.
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    Re: 20mm nato on 18mm lugs

    It's not going to work well. Definitely make sure you remove the spring bars when installing the strap. If you try to "pull them through" you're going to fray the edges of the strap badly.

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    Depends on both watch and strap, as said.
    Here's a 22mm zuludiver canvas on my 20mm Seamaster. Threads easily enough without needing to remove the springbars.Name:  15604442260949850636_1560444245498.jpg
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    Re: 20mm nato on 18mm lugs

    Might pass through if it is a soft seatbelt strap.

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    Re: 20mm nato on 18mm lugs

    Definitely depends on the type of material. Regardless,it’ll be a bit of a tight fit and if you have OCD like me, it may drive you crazy.

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