22mm Dive strap questions

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    22mm Dive strap questions

    I looked at maratac and divestraps.com . they both have nice straps that will fit my planet ocean omega at 22 mm . My question is why is the divestraps.com one so expensive and why are there no holes in it ? I mean for $130 bucks shoudlnt it have holes in it ? I understnad putting a omega on a strap is a big investment but maybe i'm missing the boat here . the 2 look the same and 1 comes with holes , the other i have to try to not punch a hole in it and tear it ? anyone have an idea :thanks
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    Re: 22mm Dive strap questions

    Some people like to punch a single hole in the strap to 'customize' it to their wrist. Others prefer the standard configuration with many holes pre-punched. I believe this seller will sell you the strap either way.

    My suggestion is that you contact the seller and express your wishes.


    I just copied this from one of Duncan's For Sale threads for his kevlar strap:

    "Personal Sizing
    All straps are shipped without holes as most people prefer to punch their own so they can accurately size th strap exactly according to their wrist size, position worn on the wrist and the size of the watch in question. I will, however, punch holes for anyone who wishes me to do so but you must state with your Paypal payment."
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