I have a Victorinox Alpnach Chrono that I bought used (and in really good condition) a few months ago from another WUS member. I love it; despite it being heavy, it's a really good, bad-ass looking Valjoux 7750 chronograph watch.

There's only one slight problem: the watchband seemed to fit perfectly when it arrived, but that was apparently when my wrist wasn't swollen. But when my wrist swells up, it becomes tight. It's "I have to keep moving the watchband around on my wrist" tight, but not quite "Easy on the handcuffs, officer!" tight. Unfortunately, the watch didn't come with extra links, which I didn't think was a problem at the time. I'm still able to wear the watch, but another nagging about the bracelet design is that the clasp isn't short-fingernail friendly; I have to use a fingernail clipper handle or Swiss Army knife screwdriver (more Victorinox products!) to open the clasp. (If I use a key or another sharp and/or unpolished metal object, it will scratch the PVD coating, as I learned already, though fortunately in a visually inconspicuous location in the cove beneath the clasp). Also, I'm not a fan of the way deployant clasps can potentially release if under constant tight pressure.

So, I decided to get a new bracelet. At first, I was looking for the Alpnach Chrono's replacement PVD bracelet, but Victorinox's website seemed to be flaking out, unable to move further in their shopping cart section due to some website design / Javascript issue. So then I search for bands, and find that there's not much for 24mm and PVD. I buy a Hadley Roma band... and hate it when it arrives, due to the pointy diver's clasp that would dig under my short-trimmed thumbnail, but also due to the flat PVD finish that feels awful, and looks like it wasn't coated entirely well. Then, I come upon the Super Engineer II. It looks beautiful, but there's not much out there for 24mm, and I really don't want to do bright silver stainless steel for a watch whose design motif is spearheaded by its all-black design.

Nothing. Nothing for anything 24mm on Taikonaut's website, or Strapcode, or Amazon. Did they stop making all 24mm Super Engineer II bands? It's a shame, because it looks really good for wide-lug watches like the Alpnach.

There was a glimmer of hope today: Victorinox's site actually worked, and I now have the Alpnach Chrono PVD bracelet on order. This means hopefully I'll get all the links, and a clean finish (there's some wear spots through the PVD on the original bracelet, so this will take care of that, and the end-caps will fit into the lug spaces).

I may try and get the Super Engineer II for my Seiko Tuna, as an alternate band for that one. Those seem to be well in stock.