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    Advice for First NATO


    So, I've decided to try these new NATO straps I keep hearing so much about, for the summer. I'm ideally looking for two straps--a red, white, and blue and one that's just blue and white, ideally sold from Amazon (due to a gift card), in 22mm to fit my Hamilton Navy Pioneer limited edition. Any recommendations?

    More broad, what did you wish you knew before you bought your first one? Are there red flags I should look out for? Specific length or hardware concerns?

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    Re: Advice for First NATO

    My advice:

    1. They're cheap, so you don't need to over think the purchase.
    2. I prefer to buy the stitched versions, but I think the original mil spec was for heat sealed.
    3. When buying, the differences that can matter to me are the strap thickness, hardware quality and length. About half of my watches (including a Sub) don't allow an easy fit between the lugs and watch case, so thicker straps are a problem. Some straps are more than an inch shorter than others.
    4. I can't tell the difference among all the strap materials once they're on my wrist.
    5. When shopping for red-white-blue straps, the US flag colors are pretty bright, and the French flag colors are darker red and blues.

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    I prefer a thicker material for my NATO strap. Check out Maratac Zulu, they make a great strap.

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    +1 on the Zulus, they're great. I have a bunch off eBay too. Cheap, get a bunch.

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