Advice for sizing bracelet with screws
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Thread: Advice for sizing bracelet with screws

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    Advice for sizing bracelet with screws

    I've threaded the screws for a Marathon GSAR bracelet already. Currently, trying to size my Eterna KonTiki bracelet and it's constructed the same as the Marathon, using double screws for the links and loctite on the screw threads. I've visited numerous threads on this topic including a super useful post in the Rolex forums but to no avail, still having massive difficulty sizing this damn bracelet. I need advice from you guys that have been through this's what I'm doing now...

    1) boil water and place the bracelet in for 5 mins or so
    2) use a clamp/vice to hold the watch securely to a working table/surface
    3) using 2 precision/jewelers screwdrivers (1.6mm flathead), hold one screw in place and attempt to turn the other screw and break the loctite
    4) of course the screws won't budge and I end up scratching the link so use the lighter method (I don't have one of those culinary torches for creme brulee). By sheer luck, I'm able to break the loctite and remove a single link. Lord have mercy on my soul, only 4 more links to go....
    5) attempt to repeat steps 1-5 but with no success. Time to take a break b/c my cursing and bloodshot eyes are starting to worry my girlfriend

    Any ideas or suggestions my fellow WISers?

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    Re: Advice for sizing bracelet with screws

    Sounds like you're doing everything you can do. My Sinn bracelet with screws required very little force/effort to loosen.

    Bergeon Screwdriver? I used a Bergeon 1.6 and the one Sinn provided.

    I read somewhere to use scotch tape over the screw head then poke through it into the slot with your screwdriver. If you slip the tape helps protect the bracelet. I planned to try this, however, the slots in the Sinn screwheads were deep enough to give me the confidence my screwdriver wouldn't slip.

    I found jeweler magnification glasses were a must, at least for me. They inspire confidence with screwdriver placement.

    *Keep in mind, it's just a watch bracelet and you know you'll succeed in the end. Have some fun with it, sit it down for the night and try again tomorrow. Take your girl out for coffee.
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    Re: Advice for sizing bracelet with screws

    Don’t use boiling water, unless it’s to make tea. Heat will make the metal expand, and that’s likely not making it any easier.

    If you’re having trouble with the screwdrivers, try a bracelet tool like Bergeon’s 6670. Or take it to a jeweler/watchsmith.

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    Re: Advice for sizing bracelet with screws

    ^that's cool, never seen that one before. And thanks for the advice on boiling water

    FYI to all future commentators, I was finally able to size the bracelet using my aforementioned methodology

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