Aftermarket bracelet for Seiko SNXS79

Thread: Aftermarket bracelet for Seiko SNXS79

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    Aftermarket bracelet for Seiko SNXS79

    Hello people,
    I just got the beautiful Seiko SNXS79 for Christmas (my first "proper" watch, I'm a high school student). The only thing that kind of bugs me is the stock bracelet, which pretty much reflects the actual price of the watch (seems a bit cheap, the color doesn't exactly match the color of the watch case), so I'm thinking of replacing it. I live in the Czech Republic (middle Europe). I'd like the price to not exceed 20$, do you think I could get anything decent at this price? Seems like Aliexpress Is the way to go?

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    Re: Aftermarket bracelet for Seiko SNXS79

    At that price, get a decent leather strap. Especially aftermarket bracelets will not exactly colour match. Neither will the quality be much at that price point.

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