So, I just spent about 1-2 minutes of my time restoring an old flimsy 2$ nato strap i had laying around.
I just used a needle & a lighter. I was surprised at how easy it was.
Before & After

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Now this got me thinking; has anyone tried upgrading a nato with heat / new hardware?

I'm talking about heat sealing the holes and or applying glue; replacing the flimsy buckle & heat treating the sides.
Chinese cheap-bay natos usually have okayish nylon (little rough) but they mostly lack on the hardware & the fraying holes.

So i went into experimental-mode & now I have about 20 nato's/zulu's / nylon watch bands on the way.

I payed about 30$ for the lot (wholesale deal) and 5$ for the better quality buckles. I still have some proper synthetic glue lying around somewhere.

I'll update this post with the results i'll have when all the straps arrive (which sadly might be in a month or 3).

thanks for the read & would appreciate your thoughts on this; considering brands like Blushark & Toxic cost around 10x the price.

- Exer