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    Attaboy to Kenny at fredawatchstraps

    Before knowing about Kenny at, I ordered a Hirsch strap from Europe, but forgot to order the spring bars. Once I realized my mistake I was back in touch with the seller to get what I needed. After several frustrating e-mail messages, I gave up.

    Here on the forum I learned of Kenny and his company. I contacted Kenny and told him my situation and my need for the spring bars. Not only was Kenny willing to supply me spring bars, he wanted to do it for free, including postage!

    Now folks if that is not service, I don't know what is. Here he is cleaning up behind another dealer and wanting no payment. Needless to say, Kenny is getting my business from now on and I recommend him highly to you.

    Thanks, Kenny! Bill

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    Re: Attaboy to Kenny at fredawatchstraps

    That's what makes a great seller!


    Daniel Z.

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