Hello, everyone. I am brand new to the forums and have been a watch enthusiast ever since my dad gave me a TAG Formula 1 (2007 model) a few years back. He wore this watch to work every day and over time the band became stretched where the band meets the smaller, secondary clasp (not sure what to call that part). For the longest time it was fine as I treated the watch with extreme care and still do to this day. However, recently the pin that is associated with the part of the stretched band has been working it's way out and therefore causing the watch to slip off my wrist unannounced. I thought the first time was a fluke but after the second time I retired the band until further notice. The link that has the issue is one that is supposed to be permanently attached to the band and with my limited knowledge I had no idea what to do about it. I will be attaching pictures to help better explain what is happening. I have several spare pins and have tried all of them, they all easily come out. It is really expensive to replace one of these bands so I would like to either do some work myself or if need be have a jeweler fix it if it is even possible. Thank you guys!

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