A Beauty from Brusnitcyn - strap review
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Thread: A Beauty from Brusnitcyn - strap review

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    A Beauty from Brusnitcyn - strap review

    Some time ago, I lucked upon one of my 'grail' watches, a Hamilton Trent. I love the styling of the watch and planned to make it my 'dress for success' watch for the office. Unfortunately, the band that came with it was far from a success. It looked more like it had suffered dearly and was in its death spiral.

    So I went looking for a strap and due to the stepped lug geometry, a custom strap would be needed. I thought I had found a good source and while the strap was nice, it just didn't quite work as I wanted. The strap just didn't have that look I wanted and more importantly, for some reason it caused the watch to sit awkwardly and end up either on the left or right of my wrist.

    It was around that time that I saw a post here by Karkarov on a beautiful strap he had made by Nadi at Brusnitcyn. I had already been following her posts and with that strap, I was sold. So I contacted her to see if she could help.

    What followed was probably the most detailed review of what I wanted in my strap, with Nadi asking a number of questions that I would have never thought to ask. She was the most patient and polite, sending pictures of leather samples, and slowly the design came together - not for just one, but for two straps.

    This write up is for the first of those two, the one that I was seeking the most - a black exotic leather strap for my Trent.
    - custom lug end to match the 'stepped' design
    - tapering in thickness from the watch to the clasp - Nadi was awesome here, rather than using padding, she adjusted the thickness of the leather to get the desired taper
    - designed to work with the original deployant clasp
    - black 'varan' (lizard for the Yanks)

    The strap arrived in a very nice black box, shipping from Russia to SE Asia took a bit longer, also due to the holidays, but that was outside of her control. She sent tracking info and helped keep an eye on the shipment from her end. In the end, I am super happy with the strap and the watch is now a joy to wear. Nadi was fantastic to work with and I can highly recommend her work.

    Original strap in the center, the watch on the temporary strap on the right. The other strap she made will go on the Tissot, that post will follow later.

    The box with the new strap

    The new strap

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    Re: A Beauty from Brusnitcyn - strap review

    Very nice, looks fantastic on that Hamilton. She does great work, can't be praised enough!

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    Re: A Beauty from Brusnitcyn - strap review

    Looks awesome!

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    Re: A Beauty from Brusnitcyn - strap review

    Wow. Quite nice. Normally I don't care for lizard, but this is an exception.

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