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    Question Bracelet removal for Seiko SKX031

    I ordered a Seiko SKX031 last night and also emailed a vendor about buying a "Bond" NATO strap and spring bar tool. This is my first watch strap to remove, so I'd need the tool. The vendor offers a plastic one that should do the job.

    The vendor told me that the strap wouldn't require any tools and told me to look at the instructions as PMWF for help installing it. I looked, and looked at many threads here, and everyone says to use the tool. But I trusted the vendor based on recommendations I've read here and said I wanted just the strap. He then questions why I want just the strap and I remind him that he told me that I didn't need any tools. He replies and basically gives me a "no quote". The entire time he has been very, very short with his emails, so maybe something got missed.

    So, if I want to replace the bracelet on my new watch with a NATO strap, will I need a spring bar tool? I've seen the instructions, and I just can't see how I would remove the bracelet without any tools. Am I missing something?

    Thanks for any help. I can see how this can become an expensive hobby

    edit: I got it figured out with the help of a friend.
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