Bracelet Resizing - With or Without Watch Head?
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Thread: Bracelet Resizing - With or Without Watch Head?

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    Bracelet Resizing - With or Without Watch Head?

    Sorry if this has been addressed before, or if it is of no concern, but does everyone remove their watch head or keep it attached when hammering pins from the links?

    Is there any theory that says the slight jarring from hammering could damage the movement in any way?

    The reason I ask, is that I set my watch (Deep Blue Sea Diver 1K) to my cellphone's time last night (NOT to the second, obviously), and I seem to have (or at least it is my perception that I lost) lost a few seconds.

    Anyone want to comment, or tell me I'm paranoid?



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    Re: Bracelet Resizing - With or Without Watch Head?

    If you use the correct tools, most re-sizing of the bracelet is done with the case attached.

    Automatic and mechanical movements will lose or gain a certain amount of time when compared to an established time reference.

    Lots of info out there and using the search function on this thread on how watch movements, non-quartz, work.
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