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    Bracelet sizing - butterfly clasp


    I bought a great bracelet recently, dive type with double deployant (see image). I'm having some sizing issues, i.e. I can't get the right fit just by taking out links (one link takes it from too loose to too tight), and there's no microadjustment. Anyone know any tricks or workarounds? I'm happy to 'customize' the bracelet a bit.


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    Re: Bracelet sizing - butterfly clasp

    I dislike the butterfly deployants, and one of the reasons is that there's usually no way adjust the length in other than whole link increments. You might want to position the deployant in a slightly different location on the bracelet: place it closer to one side or the other. That may make it feel a bit better.

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    I know this is an ancient thread, but I thought my little insight might be helpful for others. I've heard people say that it's hard to get a good fit with a butterfly clasp. What I discovered is that there is a small difference between two half-links and a full link. This means that I can go just a little smaller by replacing two half-links with a full link. Or you can go a little bigger by replacing a half-link with a full link.

    I found that the difference between two half-links and a full link is about the difference between two micro-adjustment holes on a regular clasp. So the adjustability is almost as good.

    I hope that helps someone else out.

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