BWD Nato Straps - Any Good?
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Thread: BWD Nato Straps - Any Good?

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    BWD Nato Straps - Any Good?

    Hi All.

    Just looking at Nato straps for my new Sinn 856. I've already ordered a strap from Time Factors, but was also looking at the small selection of straps that Bamford Watch Department do. They are a little steep as far as these straps go, so just wondered if anyone has actually used one, or had experience of one. Just wanting to know the quality and comfort really.



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    Re: BWD Nato Straps - Any Good?

    I don't care if they're the greatest ever's still just nylon! You can find off-the-rack shell cordovan and gator for $90.
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    Re: BWD Nato Straps - Any Good?


    This is true.

    They are nice straps, but there is LOTS to choose from out there, many overpriced for what you get, many underpriced for what you get, so shop around and compare.

    At the top of this forum is a sticky that has a list of on line strap vendors to review for ideas.
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    Re: BWD Nato Straps - Any Good?

    As you've probably seen, Toxic Nato has been getting lots of love here lately, and for good reason. I never liked the nato straps I tried until I got several from Toxic. If you can wait a while, another option will be high-end nato straps from PhenomeNato; they are being compared to the Omega OEM straps people rave about, but will be a fraction of the cost (though still probably USD 35-50). Check the PhenomeNato thread. Also, I recently got two Bonetto Cinturini rubber nato straps from Watchgecko. I wasn't sure I'd like them, but they are terrific--very pliable and comfortable, and if you want to convert it to a single-pass strap, no need to cut off the extra piece, as it has a spring bar hinge and is detachable, which is quite clever. (Before I realized it was detachable I promptly cut off the nato part with scissors, but that's because I am an idiot.) They are a bit pricey for rubber, but BC makes good straps, and I managed to find an internet discount code to save a few bucks. My wrist is 6.5, so I had to trim a bit off the tail and sand it down, but it was a snap and looks perfect. Another bonus with Toxic and the BC rubber is the optional blasted hardware that will match your 856 nicely (assuming you don't have the PVD case).
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    Re: BWD Nato Straps - Any Good?

    Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I know these are just nylon, but they vary in quality. The PhenoneNato straps look excellent. Hopefully these will be available soon-ish. Both the Toxic and BC look good too, and You are right, the bead-blasted hardware is really what I am after (i know the BWD one isn't)

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