Can I Change this Strap?
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Thread: Can I Change this Strap?

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    Can I Change this Strap?

    Hello everybody,

    I'm looking for a blue watch. I should probably mention that I'm a woman with a 6.5-7 inch wrist. Anyway I like this one but the strap looks really thick and too chunky for me. The ebay link shows better close-up photos of the band. In a review somebody mentioned that it's also totally inflexible, permanently rounded and won't lie flat.

    I'm very new to watch geekdom but I do have the correct little springbar thingy to pop the strap off to replace it. My question is that it looks like a bit of an unusual shape and am wondering if this will be possible or not?

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    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Re: Can I Change this Strap?

    You could get that bracelet off, but the lug width is very small, guessing about 12-14mm and probably only a custom made leather strap would fit.

    Owners of Oris Aquis have the same issue and there are custom strap makers who can make it work, for a price. I don't know that price, but a look over at the Oris forum might give some idea of a solution.
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    Re: Can I Change this Strap?

    YES in answer to your question, however it would end up being as thick if not thicker than the bracelet at the lug area and would require double layering and some creative skill there, mainly because the bracelet has a rounded section on the face side and a normal fitment at the lugs, the rounded section would be stiff and would need to be pre curved so when the strap was fitted that rounded section doesn't just pop up like a rounded shark fin in the water when curved around your wrist.

    Its doable but at a price, mainly because of the time involved for the maker, I think you will be pleasantly surprised that the thickness of the bracelet will wear better than you imagine it would.

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    Re: Can I Change this Strap?

    I just picked up an Oris Aquis myself and am in the middle of playing the "get a strap to work other than the rubber" game. But the Aquis is less crazy than the watch you are posting because in the end it is still at least a straight flat at the lug, not a circle. Personally unless you love the watch or are okay with the bracelet I would avoid buying it. Small wrist types are tough to find watches for, but I am willing to bet there is something else out there that can fit the bill without this weird lug set up.
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    Re: Can I Change this Strap?

    Many thanks for your replies and the information. I don't think I'll pursue this one. A pity, the price is good and the dial is pretty. I like the Bulova but I'm in love this old Tissot! That opens another can of worms though. An old automatic, buying from Portugal, etc, etc. All unchartered territory for me. I did buy a lovely old blue Waltham for my mother a couple of years ago to replace her original one and there haven't been any problems with that. The Tissot has a leather strap too, so simple! Thanks again for the interesting info.

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    Re: Can I Change this Strap?

    You could have a leather maker/strap maker look at it, but I agree with Shane.

    Good luck. You will enjoy it.
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