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    Casio Protrek strap

    Hi Guys

    I wonder if you can help

    Does anyone know if its possible to fit a NATO or Zulu strap to a Casio Protrek PRW-7000-8? Are there any adapters you can get so this is possible? Reason being is that the strap that came with mine fits either to loose or to tight. Plus i like the extra security that the NATO/Zulu straps provide.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Casio Protrek strap

    I'm also interested in a NATO for mine! If you find one please post! i'm probably gonna have a custom one made with a tailor or something. Just waiting for my watch to get in my hands so I can customize it i'll post a pic if i ever end up doing it.

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    Re: Casio Protrek strap

    I owned this watch for a while and had to sell it for exactly that same reason. I had the bracelet and even with the micro-adjustment, it was either too big or too small. Very annoying :/ I don't think there are any adapters or any way to put a NATO on there from what I could find.

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    Re: Casio Protrek strap

    Different model ProTrek, but this is how I did mine. I couldn’t stomach the plastic camo straps that came with this watch, so I dug out a green NATO that had been converted to a Zulu. I removed the stock strap and used a heated knife blade to melt notches into the strap at the appropriate places, then reinstalled the tubes and screws with the strap in place.

    You want to melt rather than cut so the nylon weave doesn’t begin to fray. I happy with the result.

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