cheapestnatostraps: How long for delivery?

Thread: cheapestnatostraps: How long for delivery?

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    cheapestnatostraps: How long for delivery?

    Placed my order Nov. 25.
    Still nothing. Are they shipping from Europe to me ( USA ).
    I talked with Sofie she she gave me a order #. But I do not pay the extra for the tracking number.

    Does anyone know how long it usualy takes to get an order to US?

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    Re: cheapestnatostraps: How long for delivery?

    Given the time of year right now with the holiday season, I would say you might still be waiting a bit. Hopefully not, but you never know.

    Most stuff I get comes over in 5-7+ business days unless I express it, but it can sometimes take two weeks or better with customs, shipping method, etc, based on my experience.
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    Re: cheapestnatostraps: How long for delivery?

    Did you get an email confirming that the order shipped? I ordered on 11/27 and got an email on 12/1 confirming that the package was on its way. (Still hasn't arrived, but I'm still well within their estimate window of 5-14 days.)

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    Re: cheapestnatostraps: How long for delivery?

    Mine usually take over 2 weeks (I've ordered twice from them) but they do show up eventually!

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    Re: cheapestnatostraps: How long for delivery?

    My orders from them would take 2-3 weeks.

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