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    This is my first post to this great and popular watch forum and hopefully not my last. Also it shall be my first plea as well on this platform.

    First, a little about myself. I am a watch owner and collector. I've been fascinated with timepieces since grade 5. Almost forty years ago. I had my share of Casios then I progressed to a vintage Breitling Colt that belonged to my grandfather. Since then I've owned and enjoyed Seikos, Citizens, Omegas, Longines, Breitlings, Lacos, Tags to name but a few.
    I could get quite resilient when on the hunt and prowl of a watch that I'm interested in. For example, last year I came across the Laco Squad. I was outbid on an auction at eBay. I was not deterred. Instead, I got the idea of jotting an email to Laco in Germany about the watch. I was told that it was no longer in production and was indeed discontinued. However, they had a display watch that was in mint condition and up for sale if I'm interested. It was their last watch. I bought the watch from the manufacturer for a discounted price.

    Now, the plea. I was considering getting one of the Seiko Prospex "tuna" watches, when my eyes fell on the Citizen Professional Diver BN0175-19E. So, I went ahead and purchased it online. I have had the watch for a week now. It is beautiful. However, my only and biggest qualm with it would be the mediocre and cumbersome rippled rubber strap that was supplied with it. It is so uncomfortable and looks ugly, especially on my 7.25" wrist. So I decided to replace the rubber strap with a suede leather one, but to my dismay I discovered that you cannot attach any strap on this watch without an adapter. I wrote to Stevral (The Suppa Adapter manufacturer) and Citizilla. Only to be informed either they don't make adaptors for this particular watch or aren't considering making one in the future. I sent an email to Citizen with my predicament, and I'm still waiting for a reply.

    Then I had an idea. I decided to write an email to Clockwork Synergy. A renowned provider of watch straps. I can proudly claim that I have been a satisfied customer of theirs for a few years. Anyhow, I sent them an email explaining my frustration and suggestion if they can provide or manufacture an adapter for the Citizen Ecozilla watch range and specifically the BN0175-19E. I received an email from them requesting more information about the watch and the adapter. I responded by supplying them with a link to the video for the Suppa Adapter as a reference to the issue at hand. I received a reply from them that they would indeed look into it and if there are any other customers that are experiencing the frustration that I'm facing with their BN0175-19E, they should write an email to Natalie at:

    [email protected]

    Therefore, my plea is to those customers that own any Citizen Ecozilla Professional Diver watch to express their interest for an adapter developed by Clockwork Synergy.

    We can build a momentum to induce the decision maker at Clockwork Synergy to go ahead and consider production of such an adapter.

    So your help, support and interest in this matter would greatly enhance your experience with the wonderful Citizen Professional Diver watches, more commonly known as "Eco-Zillas".

    Thank you for being patient in reading this long-winded post of mine.


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    I share the same concerns as I'm thinking of getting the BN0175-19E as well. I have seen postings made by people who have already swapped their accordian-styled BN0175 straps for the BN20xx series "smooth" ones. It is said to fit all the same! From that alone, I can infer that the Suppa BN adapters are possibly compatible. If the BN20xx series straps really fit without any distortion that is!

    Suppa Adapter may not be able to give an answer unless they have a BN0175-19E in their hands! I do note that the BN0175 has a case dia. of 42mm whereas the BN20xx series are larger at 52.5mm so the lugs may jut out more!

    Nevertheless I do not purport to have a definite answer at this point, just the same wishes as yourself. I'm also awaiting to see what happens soon!

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    Suppaparts/Stevral have adapters in production for the BN0175-19E in SS and black. Dunno when they'll be available, but they said they are making them.


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    I personally didn't really care much for the rubber strap it came with so with the adapters the options were open.

    Mines the Depth meter version with the adapters and a 5mm thick Jorge mesh, for me it is my perfect combination.

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