I have a question about NATO straps sold by clockworksynergy. He sells on both eBay and Amazon.

I am after a black and khaki Bond NATO with PVD hardware. I have scoured the web and have come back with two sources: clockworksynergy and Strap Code/Tung Choy.

My question is not so much about the quality of the straps sold by clockworksynergy, but about the color. The picture that he posted online appears to have a khaki with a lot of yellow in it. While the Strap Code/Tung Choy khaki in their picture is more white.

So has anybody purchased a NATO strap with some sort of coloring from clockworksynergy? If so, how did the color measure up to the picture?

And the only reason I am asking is because clockworksynergy is less than half the price of Strap Code/Tung Choy. But I would be willing to pay more than double to get the color I really want.