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    Cobrastrap review

    So awhile ago I promised a little writeup. Here it is!

    This thing is unique. It wears unlike any conventional strap, and in a good way! The clasp takes a little getting used too....acutally alot, but its just too cool.

    Its made of paracord that can be unwound. If I ever need to repel down a building, choke an intruder, tie someone up....or something of that nature, this strap will really come in handy. best part is, they'll re wind it for you for free!

    Here are some pics:

    The fitting is pretty easy-it comes with good instructions.

    Wrist shot:

    The extra string hanging off the side will eventually be removed once the exact fit has been achieved.

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    Re: Cobrastrap review

    Interesting strap. Love the shackle
    (amateur watchmaker)

    "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts." - Einstein

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    Re: Cobrastrap review

    I couldn't even fit mine on any of my watches... just not enough room there for the cord. I guess we see here at least one watch where it'll work, but it's a cool idea though.

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    Re: Cobrastrap review

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