Do you think that this is genuine?

Thread: Do you think that this is genuine?

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    Do you think that this is genuine?


    I have been looking for a replacement Omega leather strap for my Speedmaster Date. Could I ask to use some of the experience of the forum to suggest whether it looks like a genuine strap (or suggestions as to a good place for discounted OEM straps)? :thanks

    Thanks for any advice you can give.
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    Re: Do you think that this is genuine?

    I am not too sure, far too many fakes out there even with the brand names stamped, price should be a giveaway but to be sure chuck it over on the Omega Forum, better trained eyes over there !!

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    Re: Do you think that this is genuine?

    To many A$$holes out there that will copy anything and everything, like bottom feeders, so who know's if it is real or just a strip of crap???
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