Dog Collar strap?
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Thread: Dog Collar strap?

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    Dog Collar strap?

    My dog passed away today and I wanted to make a custom watch strap from his collar. Do you know anywhere I could send his collar off to to get this done?
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    Re: Dog Collar strap?

    I would think just about any custom maker could help you, provided the leather is of decent quality and wide enough to make the strap from. Try to find someone who specializes in the type of strap you want (ex: nato, two piece, etc) and email them. Most custom makers will work with your material if you ask.

    Sorry to hear about your pooch :( .
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    Re: Dog Collar strap?

    Might try contacting Lone Star Straps since you are in TX for one suggestion. RIP.
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    Re: Dog Collar strap?

    numerous strap makers will make a pet collar.

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    Re: Dog Collar strap?

    So sorry for your loss. My dog died last year, and I have also thought of getting a strap made from one of her collars; but it's not leather so I'm reluctant to destroy the collar for what might be a difficult strap project. Anyway, if you get it done, please follow up and post some photos.

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    Sorry for your loss. I too lost a precious English Bulldog a couple years back. Devastating!

    What did you have in mind? Have a pic of the collar?

    Here's a picture of a strap I made of a nice worn vintage belt. I would assume collar is sismilar?

    PM me. I'll be glad to help
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