My decade old stock leather strap for my fixed lug Sinn literally disintegrated...and I discovered that the world of fixed lug straps is very restricted. I tried a few off-the-shelf options including Hirsch, Fluco and a couple of German brands. But none of them had that 'magic'.

Took a punt on an ebayseller - lister0fsmeg from Serbia. And what a punt it turned out to be. Told him that I wanted a design which wasn't listed. And before I knew it, there we were, exchanging messages on watches in general, taking measurements, debating the color of the strap/thread, lamenting on today's watch sizes etc. A true vintage watch enthusiast who makes straps as a hobby.

Here are some pictures of the watch strap and with my Sinn. The leather is supple, already conforming to my wrist after a few hours of wearing and has that divine, 'just right' leather smell. There was a big of difficulty in slipping one flap through the lug but everything was patiently sorted out by the seller.

And all this for an extremely reasonable sub $40 price. I'm over the moon.