Extra holes in a zulu

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    Extra holes in a zulu

    Hi all,

    I recently recieved my LM7 and until i decide on a bracelet it is on a Zulu, the 'Waterborne' 24mm with 4 rings to be exact.

    However, the watch is heavy and the adjustment holes make wearing it loose or tight, not much good really.

    So to adjust it i needed another hole right between two existing.

    First up i got my soldering iron, removed the endpiece and (the bit that you stab wherever you want the solder heated!) and rooted round for a nail that that was the same diameter as the existing holes. I cut the head off the nail and fitted it into the soldering iron, nice and easy as it is held in with a grub screw.

    Turn the iron on, wait for max heat and stab through where i want the hole. Perfect as it heat seals the hole on the way in and out.

    Now i have the perfect fitting strap.

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    Re: Extra holes in a zulu

    Right on

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