Extra long or uncut mesh for bracelet

Thread: Extra long or uncut mesh for bracelet

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    Extra long or uncut mesh for bracelet

    An odd question for a first post here. I am getting back into watches after a long stint of not wearing and was curious if anyone knew of an extra long mesh bracelet or raw uncut 22mm mesh?

    I have a couple of mesh bracelets already and would like outfit a couple of new watches with them. Each bracelet would need to be at least 180mm. The bracelets that I have use extra links to reach the length I need and I would prefer the cleaner lines of a single strand of mesh. I have pinged the ebay sellers and none have come back with a positive answer so i thought I would post here.

    If I can find the raw mesh, I can work the ends to work with the watches I have plus I have a number of nice clasps on hand. The raw mesh is appealing in that I also give away a number of watches when I travel and an inexpensive source of material would make that even easier.

    Any thoughts?
    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Extra long or uncut mesh for bracelet

    Are you looking for Milanese mesh or Shark mesh? There are XL Milanese mesh bracelets available in most models from the big brands such as Staib and Vollmer, etc. Shark mesh is like a micro-brand (does anyone know who 'really' makes them?), so it's probably a bit more difficult to source longer Shark mesh bracelets.

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    Re: Extra long or uncut mesh for bracelet

    big brands such as Staib and Vollmer
    If possible, I would stick to something from one of these vendors. They are known for their excellent quality mesh straps.
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