Fitting curved end links

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    Fitting curved end links

    For my Hamilton Khaki 42mm purchased without bracelet I am looking for an aftermarket stainless steel bracelet with curved end links.
    I am worried that fitting may be a problem as correct tight fit obviously depends on the radius of the curves involved and also the location of the springbar holes.
    Is there an industry standard for end links and case lugs or is always custom fitting involved? If the latter is the case what is the best practice?

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    Re: Fitting curved end links

    When it comes to solid end links, tolerances are tight and variances among brands are significant. The tiniest lug hole placement differences will keep bracelets from fitting. However, I have had good luck fitting generic, oyster and jubilee models from Hadley that came with folded end links (I have only used HR, so only mention that brand). The old Rolex bracelets were just as flexible. I always thought that the radius of the curves was not as critical for appearances on these bracelets as you might expect, but fitting SEL bracelets has to be near perfect or you can't use them, at all.

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    Fitting curved end links



    Getting aftermarket curved end links to seat correctly on OEM cases is hit or miss, and usually a miss based on previous experience.

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