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    GasGasBones ME2

    Just received my custom GasGasBones ME2 strap this week...

    ME2 ~ Black only for 19, 20 and 22mm lug widths

    This is a nylon strap with velcro closure that is a play on NATO/ZULU styles; rather than sliding through spring bars the ME2 attaches like a traditional strap but is still connected underneath.

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    It's a very effective and rugged solution that can really enhance the look of a similarly styled watch. What's cool is that you not only choose your lug width (obviously) but also the lug-to-lug, as well as your wrist size, to ensure a perfect fit. I purchased this strap with my Magrette Moana Pacific Pro All Black in mind. Given these measurements the strap folds through the buckle and is exactly right.

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    Very easy to remove and put on, very comfortable. You can also select your preferred accent color for the stitching. Along the section that rides under the watch is a sewn GGB logo which is nice.

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    One option I didn't take advantage of was a nicer buckle. I'm just running a basic ring. In retrospect it would be worthwhile to choose a nicer buckle. That aside the quality seems excellent and presents an interesting alternative for your tool watches.
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    Re: GasGasBones ME2

    Gasgasbones strap are great on divers and tool watches. Excellent straps.
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    Re: GasGasBones ME2

    Nice review.....Carl's straps are excellent.


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