Genuine lizard custom strap
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Thread: Genuine lizard custom strap

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    Genuine lizard custom strap

    I finally bought a vintage watch to wear on my wedding, and decided to order a custom made lizard strap. I found a custom strap maker on facebook m Vietnam. She made my strap and I received it last night. Throughout the process of making it, I asked her to send me a photo of the hide and her cutout for my strap. Now that I have it, I can't understand why, it feels a bit plastic. Is this a normal feel for lizard skin? I couldn't rest so I had her take a picture of the back of the hide and used, and it checked out. Still not convinced so I started picking at the back of one of the keepers and it peeled just like leather would. So I glued it back and its all fine but I just can't get over the plastic feel.
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    Re: Genuine lizard custom strap

    I have a dark blue lizard on my Tissot currently (the silved diald watch in the middle) and it doesn't feel in the least plasticky... Mine's lined with calf.
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    I know that on some skins they apply a protection layer to the surface that is basically plastic, so it is not uncommon for some skins to feel very plastic like because the surface you touch is actually plastic. Think of it like wood treated with polyurethane, in essence you are not touching wood, you are touching plastic.

    I have been to a leather store recently to purchase some leather for a project and I was shocked by the fake feel of some stuff they have. Leather working is a rewarding hobby to get into for anyone wanting a truly custom watch band. I will be making one soon for one of my older Seiko watches.

    Enjoy your wedding and new vintage watch with nice custom lizard skin strap.

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    Re: Genuine lizard custom strap

    Shouldn’t feel that way. Has
    To do with the lining probably.

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    Re: Genuine lizard custom strap

    Part of the problem with inexpensive straps it the hide they start with, some can almost feel "painted" and the shiny hides can sometimes even feel "sticky". I am sure some people think I am out of my mind paying what I do for straps ... but it's funny this has come up. Below is a super-matte Teju lizard strap I just received from Dangerous9. Probably half the cost of the watch ... and worth every penny.

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    Re: Genuine lizard custom strap

    Great strap combo on that red one. Nice photography too!

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