So after much research looking for a better band for my Orient Bambino 2nd Gen Ver. 2 on the forums here and various other blog posts I ended up buying the HR MS852 and HR Deploymant Clasp.

Lots of people recommended the Hirsh Rivetta however it was slightly out of the range I was looking to spend. I love the HR band I went with; it looks very snazzy and I like that the band isn't stiff. I have never worn a watch with a deployment clasp like the one I went with so I was curious if people found those clasps hard to get use to. I've worn it for a few days now and find that the band itself is very comfortable but where the clasp touches my wrist it kind of feels odd. Its not tight, I have it as goldilocks as I can get it. Not too tight, not too loose.

Here are some pics.

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