Hamilton Khaki Short Strap Suggestions
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Thread: Hamilton Khaki Short Strap Suggestions

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    Hamilton Khaki Short Strap Suggestions

    Greetings Watch Enthusiasts,

    I have recently become interested in mechanical watches. For my first purchase, after reading lots on this forum, I decided to get a Seiko SKX013. Unfortunately, upon receiving it, I just didn't fall in love with it as much as I had hoped, and it wasn't for lack of trying. For some reason it just looked out of proportion to me. The dial was too small and the case was too thick. So, I decided to return it in exchange for a Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical, which, this time, I made a point to locate and try on before I bought. My new Hammy comes this week, and in my excitement, I have been looking for strap options.

    It is for this reason that I turn to the watch community at present. Initially, I think I would like a leather strap like the picture below, not too thick, with white contrasting stitching, in a 20mm width. So far, so good, right? I have found lots of these. However, I have 6.25-6.5" wrists, and I am worried that a regular length strap might be just on the edge of too big for me. So, I would be more comfortable with a short length strap, and these seem much harder to find. Ideally, I would like the strap to be around $25 and to have bead blasted, or at least brushed, hardware. I have had a hard time finding such a strap. Would anyone know where I could find one?

    I suppose another option would be to buy a regular length strap and punch an extra hole. Would anyone advise me either for or against this? I hesitate to have too much of the tail sticking out and getting caught on things all the time.

    Lastly, in addition to this main strap, I would also be open to other suggestions. I have a few NATO's to try out, although I have not been wild about them to this point becasue they seem to have too much going on, what with their loops and buckles and flips and tucks. I also don't reall appreciate the extra height added to the watch. Some kind of short vintage or suade brown strap might look nice instead. Thank you for your expertise.
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    Re: Hamilton Khaki Short Strap Suggestions

    Takes some extra searching, but lots of places sell shorter straps...most often, make-to-order shops rather than strap dealers. Good place to look:


    When looking elsewhere, check the sizes. 115/70 works well for me, and my wrist is about the same size.

    Another alternative is a button stud:

    Any excess tucks under.


    StrappingFellow is another source. Not as many leather options, but they cut to length, and give 4 holes for size flexibility. Makes things a bit cleaner.
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    Re: Hamilton Khaki Short Strap Suggestions

    Go custom!

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    Re: Hamilton Khaki Short Strap Suggestions

    These options would look great!

    One-Piece vintage brown suede

    Or vintage canvas custom made (customer provide pic)

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    Re: Hamilton Khaki Short Strap Suggestions

    Christoper Ward, Nomos, Stowa and Erika’s Originals are just a few off the top of my head that offer short strap sizes. If your budget can handle it, you can always reach out to a strapmaker in the forums for a custom piece.

    In regards to proper sizing, the lug to lug length of the watch you want to strap up should be considered. If your incoming Hammy is a 38mm, I believe it has a 47mm L2L length. 110/70 or 115/75 should be a good fit depending if you want much of the excess strap showing as it curves up your wrist.

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    Re: Hamilton Khaki Short Strap Suggestions

    Check out B&R Bands (Watch Bands & Straps | Leather, Nylon, Vintage Watch Straps | BandRBands), they have a pretty wide selection of short straps.

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