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    Hamilton ventura XL strap

    Ok ive always been interested in this watch. The hamilton ventura XL. Classic all american design. Very unique and nothing else is quite like it. The small ones are well.. Too small. So recently ive been looking at the big one. Ive seen it in person and i thought it was pretty cool. Finish is nice albeit dial is harder to read. Not too sure how well the black elvis version will hold up to knicks and scratches though.

    My problem that i bring to the straps and bracelet forum today, is the rubber strap. I hate it. Dont get me wrong. Its a nice rubber strap. I just hate using rubbers (pun intended). Now hamilton doesnt offer a leather option or bracelet. Im wondering if any of the strap gurus on this forum has done something for this. In the photos you can see the strap/springbars is mounted on diagonally. I guess thats why the strap is thicker near the case to compensate.

    Anyways before i make any purchasing decisions i would like to see if theres some better shoes for this. Thanks! And heres some mandatory photos i shamelessly ripped off the interwebs.

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    Re: Hamilton ventura XL strap

    You have unlimited leather strap options... you just need to get in touch with one of the many custom strap makers that get discussed on the forum. I doubt you will ever find an 'off the shelf' option, but a good quality leather custom strap shouldn't cost you much more than on OEM strap unless you get into exotic skins.

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