Hawkrigger Para Bellum Strap
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    Hawkrigger Para Bellum Strap

    For those who like elastic straps like the vintage Marine Nationale (MN) or the newer ones from Erika's Originals (EO), Nick Mankey (NM), the Watch Steward, etc., you might also like Hawkrigger's (Stuart Graham's) Para Bellum (https://hawkrigger.com/product/para-bellum-band/) which is based on his rendition of the Marine Nationale dive belt design.

    No affiliation, just a satisfied customer (I have original MN, EO, & NM straps, too). I find the Para Bellum to fall somewhere between the EO & NM in both price & design: more rigid than the NM, but w/thinner fabric (as thin as a generic G10/NATO, only stretchy) & much less rigid than the EO, so good for heavier watches &/or ones w/shorter lugs. It loops once under the watch, so attaches to the watch like the EO. I haven't found the clasp to be easier or harder to use than the EO or NM, just different. If I don't want to bother w/the clasp & buckle, it's harder to just stretch over my hand compared to the NMs, but much easier than my EOs. The comparatively large buckle does give off a tactical vibe, which I find cool, but YMMV.
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    Re: Hawkrigger Para Bellum Strap

    They look well made and are certainly attractive.

    Nice choice.

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