Help finding titanium bracelet for Oceanus OCW500TLA-7AV

Thread: Help finding titanium bracelet for Oceanus OCW500TLA-7AV

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    Question Help finding titanium bracelet for Oceanus OCW500TLA-7AV

    Hello everyone. I just bought a Casio Oceanus chronograph model OCW500TLA-7AV.
    It came with a leather band and I'm interested in finding a titanium band that will fit it.

    Oceanus makes a similar watch, model OCW500TDA-1AV, that comes with a titanium band.
    The model I bought can't be purchased with a titanium band.

    I thought it was going to be easy to call up Casio/ Oceanus and buy a replacement titanium band to fit the watch. They told me that they could sell me a band, but it wouldn't fit my watch. The reason is that evidently, the curved end piece that fits against the watch case isn't part of the band. This curved end piece is part of the watch case on the models that come with the titanium band.

    So here are my questions:
    1. If I buy the band from Oceanus, is there anywhere I can buy the curved end pieces in titanium that will look ok with the watch?
    2. Can you recommend an aftermarket titanium band that will fit my watch? (20mm) I would be willing to spend up to $150 if the quality is good. I've bought inexpensive bands before and found the clasp is cheap and the curved ends are really low quality so I would appreciate a high quality band if I saw one.
    3. What do you think about the metal bands that have straight ends? This eliminates the need for me to have to find the end pieces that fit the case, but does a metal band look sort of funny without the curved end pieces to make it fit closely to the watch case?
    I'm sure you folks have dealt with similar issues so I'd love to hear some advice from someone.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Help finding titanium bracelet for Oceanus OCW500TLA-7AV

    I'm in the same boat as you since I bought the orange version of the Seiko Samurai--doesn't come with a bracelet. I do know that "watchadoo" on ebay occasionally sells Stainless Steel "nubby" bracelets with a Titanium finish. They are straight end, though. I prefer the look of straight ends since I think sometimes a curved end can make a watch face look smaller than it really is and keeps it from popping (obviously depends on the watch).

    Another thing to consider would be color. If you have the kind of Titanium that looks gray or a bit like stainless steel, then it's going to probably look fine with brushed stainless steel, or polished or bead blasted SS. If the Ti on your watch is like has kind of a gray/brown hough to it, making SS not look all that great with it (again, IMHO). My two cents.

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    Re: Help finding titanium bracelet for Oceanus OCW500TLA-7AV

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    Re: Help finding titanium bracelet for Oceanus OCW500TLA-7AV

    I'm in the same boat as you. I purchased a Casio Oceanus OCW T750 and I'm looking for a black titanium bracelet for it.

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