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    Help for a new bracelet

    Hello everyone, I want to change the strap at my watch and I need help to find out that size and that reference should I look for.
    My watch is an Omega Speedmaster Racing with rubber strap.
    I wanted to change it with the original steel strap, I can find it somewhere online or just in official Omega stores?
    Thank you.
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    Re: Help for a new bracelet

    Most Speedmasters have 20mm lugs (but measure to make sure) as some of the larger models have 22mm lugs.

    Look at this sticky from the top of this forum for a list of on line strap vendors you can review for strap ideas-

    Any aftermarket strap will fit once you determine the lug size.
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    Re: Help for a new bracelet

    Could someone puleeeze tell me that when you buy a watch you don't know what the strap measurements are, eh?When you buy a car or a new camera do you not ask or do research on the item you're buying to have information for your own education, eh?
    I guess this could be added to the pet peeve forum.....
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