After encouraging then searching for 3yr I finally managed to introduce my wife to slightly finer watches, and bought her a Movado 1881 automatic, specifically model 0606915 (Movado | 1881 Automatic Stainless Steel Bracelet watch with white dial | Movado International).

But the strap doesn't fit! Remove 3 links and it slides up and down her forearm, 4 links out and its tight on the skin.
We bought from a store (Ernest Jones, we're in the UK) but they weren't overly helpful. Bought at one branch but she wasn't 100% and didn't appreciate the hard sell we were getting but once certain if it we went to another branch to have the links removed. Now they are saying as they filled in the warranty card she can't get a refund. (They also claim they won't remove links until you buy, so how are you ever meant to know it'll fit?!).

What can I do? I presumed half-links were an option, but they checked and Movado don't do them. I asked if there were any other brands that did half-size links that might be similar, even if they looked odd they could be put on the inside of the wrist so not easily noticed.. shop said they didn't really know but wouldn't encourage. Asked about moving the deployment clasp, or changing for a different mechanism, was told that we can't.

Now I don't believe half the above is true. I separately asked the same shop back in March about a Ball watch and later found out what they told me was incorrect so I do not trust their knowledge.
But what can I do here, does anyone know of a link or half-link that would fit? What about moving or changing the deployment?
Or is it possible to get something like this custom made so its near identical but sized to fit her wrist?

Some pics attached although they probably don't help much.

Thanks in advance

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