Hirsch Ranger - Any Opinions?

Thread: Hirsch Ranger - Any Opinions?

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    Hirsch Ranger - Any Opinions?

    I searched the forums for information on the Hirsch Ranger strap and found nothing but an old thread selling one. I Googled "Hirsch Ranger review" and no reviews came up. I am interested in any opinions members may have regarding this strap. Comfort and quality are among my top concerns, but any information will be welcomed. I am considering this strap for my Speedy and before I buy it, I thought I would ask.

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    Re: Hirsch Ranger - Any Opinions?

    Just some advice, if you are going to ask someones opinion of a watch strap (which is cool to do, nothing wrong with it) at least put a link to the strap in the OP so people can see what strap you mean. Or a picture of it even.

    Looking up the hirsch ranger - https://www.hirschstraps.com/product...nt=19937787396

    I see only one real obvious problem, it uses that crappy softglove lining. I don't know why people put up with that crap, the stuff is just a dirt, sweat, and bad smell magnet. It is just a cheap material and should be avoided at all costs as a strap liner. So that said, I would not buy this strap.

    Hirsch in general is quite good though, and if you are willing to move up a couple notches in the cost department you could get something fairly nice. Or just stay around the same price and get a hirsch liberty instead.

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