How to remove this strap?
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Thread: How to remove this strap?

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    How to remove this strap?

    I bought this old Russian manual watch for my girlfriend. After removing all of the removable links it is still to large for her tiny little wrist. If I can get the band off I can dremel off some extra links. Problem is it doesn't seem to be removable unless I am missing something. From the photos can anyone advise if they know how to get it off? One side of the pin/ mount seems to be a small hole, the other us a rounded bump. It doesn't seem to be a screw or normal pin.. Is this a rivet?? One almost looks like it may be a hex shape but they are so small I can barely see. I don't see there being a hex key small enough anyway..
    The brand is Chaika (seagull)

    Thanks for any guidance!
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    Re: How to remove this strap?

    My guess is rivet or a press pin. You might have to take it to a watchmaker to have it drilled out as it does not look like anything easily removable to me.

    Good luck as it is a nice looking watch.
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    Re: How to remove this strap?

    Thank you for your reply. Tempted to try drilling it out myself but then where to find new pins that will be appropriate. Will maybe go see a watch repair to get their advice...

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    Re: How to remove this strap?

    from what I can see from your pictures I would think a dremel tool and a steady hand PATIENCE to grind the head of the rivet down, then to replace the rivet finds some thin ss wire enough to go through the hole, then with 1mm or so exposed heat the ends up one at a time and GENTLY hammer on a steel block or something heavy, then turn to the next exposed end and repeat process, PATIENCE and a gentle hand should work.
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    Ah interesting idea..
    Thanks I may try that..

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