Installing Nato strap on vintage Seiko

Thread: Installing Nato strap on vintage Seiko

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    Installing Nato strap on vintage Seiko

    Hello, I've tried a few searches so I apologize in advance if this has been discussed before.

    I have an old Seiko watch from my grandfather serial number is 6139 6005 and I would really like to switch the stainless steel band for a red and blue NATO strap. I already have another nice stainless watch i wear frequently and feel this strap looks so good with the dial and bezel. However I am unsure if I can do this myself. To me it appears as though I'd have to bend the metal to get the current strap off. I of course do not want to damage the current wristband so I can change it back at a whim. I am wondering if this is something I can do on my own or if I will need to take it in. As this watch is probably pretty old (no idea how old maybe 1970s???), there are no PDFs of a manual I can find online.

    Here are some photos of the watch and of the underside where the wristband connects to the case.
    Name:  2015-01-20 16.46.31.jpg
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    Thanks in advance for any help!


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    Re: Installing Nato strap on vintage Seiko

    It looks like the end link is already bent. Usually have you easy access to the spring bar, but that metal tab seems to be blocking it. Those end links are pretty flimsy so over the years I am sure it has gotten pretty distorted.

    You should still be able to remove it yourself with a proper spring bar tool, but if all else fails you could bring it to a local jeweler/watch maker and I am sure they could remove the bracelet for you for a couple of dollars.

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