Looking for 25mm Straps

Thread: Looking for 25mm Straps

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    Looking for 25mm Straps

    I have a 25mm watch and it is slim pickings trying to find them. I am looking for carbon fiber design with white stitching or white with black stitching. Signed up for this site to get help with. Thanks in advance. Ps I did the search on here and came up with nothing.

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    Re: Looking for 25mm Straps

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    Similar to this one. This one I could only find in a 24mm

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    Re: Looking for 25mm Straps

    Look at watchbandcenter.com as well. They have a good selection of large and uneven sized straps. They are located in Germany but ship everywhere and fast.

    If needed, can you can find a 26mm, it can be squeezed on as an alternative. It might be a bit snug, or it might fit just right. It is only 1mm difference.

    Better to put a larger strap on smaller lugs, than visa versa.
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