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    Looking for a bracelet

    I have a Seiko SNKK93 and I am looking for a quality bracelet that can go with it. I haven't had many watches with bracelets, but I do prefer a heavier weight behind it. I'm not really sure about styles, or places to purchase so any help would be fantastic. I do know that I want the end links to be curved and not straight. http://i.imgur.com/bV76op7.jpg

    I love the Seiko SS bracelet for the SARX017 SEIKO SS Bracelet for SARX017 | seiyajapan.com But I don't to spend that much money on the bracelet. Maybe less then $100.

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    Re: Looking for a bracelet

    You can try places like strapcode and tungchoy, but with curved lugs on an aftermarket bracelet, make sure the tolerances and depth is correct for the watch case so it will fit properly.

    There is a sticky at the top of this forum that lists a number of on line strap vendors for more choices.
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