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Thread: Looking for definite answer, not run-around

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    Looking for definite answer, not run-around

    Hello to all in the forum. I have been searching high and low for definitive info regarding Maratac Zulu extreme watchbands. I know that they are sold by numerous people : County Comm , Broadarrow etc. etc. What I want to know is who owns this company or who actually Manufactures the Bands. I have searched till blue in the face and cant find this information. I am curious as i'm sure about 100 other people are as well. I want to contact them about placing a custom order for a specific design and pattern of band and how many "units would be required to produce a Custom design in the band size ranges" I have read that the webbing is produced in XX meter increment rolls , and am serious about how many would need to be ordered for a custom production run. (ex. Is 10 or 10,000 required as in terms of military units)

    P.s. I dont need smart comments on redirection to other threads or posts cause I have read them all!

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    Re: Looking for definite answer, not run-around

    Well, it seems fairly obviously that information does not exist on the net (at least that I could find).

    Have you tried contacting broadarrow.com or countycomm.com and asking them?

    It's a fairly innocent question and you might be surprised by getting an answer.

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    Re: Looking for definite answer, not run-around

    I know that Eddie from Timefactors makes his own Nato, which are as good, some say better, than Maratac.

    I used them and they are excellent.

    Why not get in touch with him about any specific patterns you need. He may be able to cater for your request.

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