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    Looking For New Hirsch Straps

    Hi All,
    I've been doing some digging and from what I can tell Hirsch is the cream of the crop when it comes to aftermarket watch straps. After reading reviews related to many of their products(mostly on forums), I think I know what I want to get first. The Tiger and Carbon models look really nice and they seem well suited for summer.

    Some background:
    I recently purchased a Longines Master Collection Moon Phase 40mm with brown alligator strap(21mm). It's my first automatic watch and I've been wearing it everywhere, with every thing. I can't stop looking at the thing, it's gorgeous. As I've been doing my research I've realized that I need to give the alligator strap a break if I plan on keeping it for an extended period of time. I'm the kind of person that buys something once and puts in as much time and effort as is necessary to keep it in good condition. Thus I have purchased a few NATO's and given the alligator a break. I spent a ton of time researching the right tools and how to remove the spring bars properly, so I'm good there. After putting the NATO's on(I got 3) and wearing them a couple times, I only like 1 of them and even then, I think the watch would look better with a more refined strap.

    Which brings me to my current predicament. I need a strap(s) that will go with everything I wear except extreme formal and be able to handle summer as well. I think I can cover that with the Hirsch Black Tiger and Blue Carbon. I primarily wear black or blue shoes in the summer. Black and brown shoes/boots for the winter can be covered by the Black Tiger and Brown Alligator. I'm thinking the Blue Carbon will also match well with raw denim. I also like the Black Tiger because it comes in 21mm. I noticed the Blue Carbon does not, though I have read many times that people use 22mm straps in 21mm lug width, so hopefully it'll work fine. Does anyone else have any experience putting a 22mm Carbon on a 21mm lug width? Would be great to see pictures.

    Let me know what you guys think. Am I on the right track? Am I right to focus primarily on matching my shoes? All comments are welcome.

    From my research I've noticed there is a Watch Obsession rep who frequents the forum. I'd love to hear from him/her and I would consider buying from them since I've seen nothing but positive feedback from other forum members.
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    Re: Looking For New Hirsch Straps

    Thread moved to the more suitable forum.
    Kind regards

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    Re: Looking For New Hirsch Straps

    Putting it on a 22mm strap will be fine. It will just have to be smashed more than normal, but it will rebound.

    Hirsch indeed makes some nice straps. I have two, but I dont do the extra care you do to keep them nice. They are good quality straps, but I am at that stage where I can buy 4 Dassari straps for the price of one Hirsch. You can have a new look to your watch every couple days.

    I would however, buy a specialty strap from Hirsch. I have read great reviews of the carbon series as well as the waterproof straps.

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    Re: Looking For New Hirsch Straps

    I’ve had several Hirsch straps and wore one until it failed entirely. Still have several, 3 purchased from Watch Obsession, who is a great vendor. Hirsch make fine straps and clasps, with a wide choice of styles and material. Buy with confidence IMHO>

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    Re: Looking For New Hirsch Straps

    Welcome to the forums!
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