Mesh bracelet for curved spring bars?

Thread: Mesh bracelet for curved spring bars?

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    Picture Mesh bracelet for curved spring bars?

    Question I received by email and any help is welcome:
    I am having trouble finding bands/bracelets to fit my Rotary watch.
    The case is 37mm dia.
    The lug spacing is 20mm.
    The spring bar holes are placed very close to the case so that only curved spring bars will fit so they hug and mirror the case profile. Watch came with a nasty crocodile pressed leather band I intended to immediately discard so I could put on a steel mesh bracelet. Wasn't I perplexed, and disappointed when I pulled of the strap and found those curved spring bars? Now what? I've checked every where. I've also asked jewelers, watchmakers and even Rotary if holes could be drilled for straight pins. A resounding no. Got any ideas where I can find a curved end stainless steel mesh bracelet the will accommodate curved spring bars?
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    Re: Mesh bracelet for curved spring bars?

    You can get mesh bands with curved ends. Probably look into buying something vintage or NOS - JB Champ, etc used to have mesh bands with curved ends - the ends were not mesh, but polished steel; they would fit.

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    Re: Mesh bracelet for curved spring bars?

    I was looking for such a bracelet, too. I have a Raymond Weil Tradition Chrono, which is a real beauty. However, RW do not offer metal bracelet for the watch, so I looked for an after market band. This appeared to be almost impossible, because of the curved spring-bars of the watch. The only manufacturer that suggested a mesh was Aristo-Vollmer - on the website of their online-shop there are mesh bracelets with curved end links, which might fit.

    Meanwhile, a local watchmaker offered to modify a nice Hirsch rice-beads bracelet in order to fit my watch. He equipped it with end-links of bigger diameter, which he manually bent to fit the curved spring-bars . The result is not perfect, however the watch is very beautiful + the bracelet is stunning = I like the overall appearance very much!

    This is how the watch looks now:
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