Meyhofer Trondheim, thick leather strap review on Seiko Tuna
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Thread: Meyhofer Trondheim, thick leather strap review on Seiko Tuna

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    Meyhofer Trondheim, thick leather strap review on Seiko Tuna

    I like wearing leather bands, when the weather is cold. It is a little hard to find thick ones for big watches. This one is produced by Meyhofer and is called Trondheim. Incidentally, Trondheim is a town in middle Norway, where I live. I have a Seiko SBBN007 300m diving watch, that does not see any water. It has 22mm lugs. Decided to do a little review.
    I have 19,5 cm wrist, or for you americans 7 3/4 inch. This landed me on the middle hole of the 5 holes on the strap. The holes are 1 cm apart. This means; if your wrist is 17,5- 21,5 cm circumference you can use this strap without modding on the tuna. The tuna case is 41 mm between springbars.
    This strap accepted the fat Seiko springbars with no proplem. The strap is 5mm thick. This strap has white stiching.
    The strap can also be had in different sizes 22, 24 and 26mm and they also make it with orange or red stiching. It can also be had in brown leather.
    I bought the strap at watchbandcenter.
    I think it looks good on the Seiko, and I am very happy with it. Sorry about poor picture quality.

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    Re: Meyhofer Trondheim, thick leather strap review on Seiko Tuna

    Looks nice. Like you, I also attached a thick leather strap to my Tuna almost immediately. I really enjoy the look of it, and it's a bit unconventional considering the Tuna is supposed to be a diver tool watch. Really, the Tuna looks good on anything, though. I've since sold my Tuna (money is tight right now) and would love to have another one some day, and it'll definitely be on a leather strap!
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    Re: Meyhofer Trondheim, thick leather strap review on Seiko Tuna

    Wow. That Tuna is gorgeous, but the Meyhoffer is really nice, too. I had one on a Seiko diver of my own. Great straps.
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    Re: Meyhofer Trondheim, thick leather strap review on Seiko Tuna

    That is one beefy chuck of leather for sure. Really like the blue color of the strap to highlight the watch. Nice.
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