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    minimizing wide lugs

    I recently picked up a Gruen precision 510. Unfortunately I'm realizing this exact one has somewhat wider lugs than I realizes/expected. They are the sort that hugs the case all the down and meet in the middle in a single curve giving the appearance more of barrel shape rather than a round watch case with ordinary lugs. The lugs of course are also the most prone to scratching of the gold plate and cannot be polished for that reason, meaning they are visually the worst detail of this watch. I'm probably just being neurotic, but, is there a particular style of strap of bracelet that would serve to visually minimize this effect on the wrist?

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    Re: minimizing wide lugs

    Pics would help, even if just from a smart phone. I'm seeing quite a few different Gruen Precision models out there. This is one such that's got an odd shape but there's a bunch of others:

    I'm thinking, basically, avoid high-gloss or a patterned leather, so no Horween Chromexcel or shell cordovan for example. I'd also go dark color in leather. Suede, you could go the other way altogether and go a sand or beige. Last, I'd consider perlon...again, you can go dark brown, OR something like a sand, long as it's not overly bright.
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