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    MN Elastic NATO. George's Straps

    I came across the above strap the other day and thought; why not?
    George's Straps combines to comfort and elasticity of the MN strap in a traditional NATO strap design and is available in 10 different colours and two sizes; 20 and 22mm.
    The quality is on par with other regular NATO straps, the hardware is functional, stitching neat and straight, and the holes appear well sealed against fraying. I particularly like that keeper near the buckle is floating.
    Best part of all is that it's not going to break the bank at 12.99 GBP.Name:  20190606_105916_1559816645451.jpg
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    Re: MN Elastic NATO. George's Straps

    Nice. Looks very comfortable and matches your watch well.

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