My latest creation.. please comment!

Thread: My latest creation.. please comment!

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    My latest creation.. please comment!

    Haven't sourced much material lately, but when I came across some suede, I had to give it a go! I'm not sure how it'll hold up over time, but I am extremely happy with the comfort right now.

    It's about 4mm thick, and I'll be finishing the sides with some edge kote when I can get my hands on it. The keeper floats and bears my signature. :)

    Let me know your thoughts! I was considering stitching down the sides, but the simplicity of it is growing in me. What do you think?

    - Matt


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    Re: My latest creation.. please comment!

    Good idea mate & I like your sig on the keeper.....

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    Re: My latest creation.. please comment!

    To have only 3 holes is also cool. Shows it is made for your wrist only.
    Being suede, I think it will age in an interesting way!

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