NATO Strap Owners: HELP

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    NATO Strap Owners: HELP

    I received a strap from Nato Strap Co today and realized I bought the wrong strap. I wanted an 11in. NATO instead of a 12in. one. I have 6in. wrist so as you could imagine, 12in strap is really pushing it. The strap is a perfect fit at the first notch. Does anyone know how easy NATO Strap CO.'s straps are prone to stretching? I have many Nato Strap Co straps but I change them every 1-3 days depending on what I am wearing. This one is one I bought specifically so I don't have to colour coordinate straps everyday for awhile. I shower and sleep with my straps on if that makes a difference. Is it worth the hassle of exchanging or will I be okay because the their straps do not easily stretch?

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    Re: NATO Strap Owners: HELP

    It's nylon. Nylon stretches. Who's adding the hardware to the strap and/or reselling it, doesn't matter.

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    Re: NATO Strap Owners: HELP

    It will stretch over time, but if it really bothers you exchange it.
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    Re: NATO Strap Owners: HELP

    i would exchange it if was you.... it will stretch.

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    Re: NATO Strap Owners: HELP

    If/when it stretches you can always punch another hole. I'd heat up a nail and punch it through.

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    Re: NATO Strap Owners: HELP

    Because of the very real possibility/probablity that it will stretch I would change it.

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