need help regarding deployment clasps

Thread: need help regarding deployment clasps

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    need help regarding deployment clasps

    I have a Di Modell Chronissimo on my Archimede Pilot and I want to add a deployment clasp to it
    I seem to remember reading somewhere that you cannot put a double deployment on this strap just a single
    What I really need is some help finding the right deployment clasp for this strap
    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: need help regarding deployment clasps

    I've just done the exact same thing. It was actually on a Di-Modell Chronissimo "copy" but they look identical. I ordered it from watchbandcentre along with this clasp:

    They are fantastic! I hated leather straps up until now. I am so impressed with the clasp I just ordered 2 more along with 2 more different straps including a "real" DM Chronissimo.

    At 10euros each for the clasp I can highly recommend them, quality seems great. I hate the dual butterfly clasps by the way, far too fiddly. These single flip clasps feel and work exactly like doing up a ss bracelet. Let me know if you want photos.

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    Re: need help regarding deployment clasps

    Quote Originally Posted by 13gsc13 View Post
    I have a Di Modell cannot put a double deployment on this strap just a single....
    If you cut the little tab under the buckle it is supposed to fit a deployant. Lonestar and Strapped for Time have singles and doubles, I'd call Walt at Lonestar and ask him what fits:

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    Re: need help regarding deployment clasps

    Old thread, but others might appreciate some info. The 20 mm Chronissimo requires a 20 mm deployant clasp with a deep section, to accommodate the twin layers of leather. A single-fold can fit perfectly on the Chronissimo, especially if you have thin wrists and the XS strap -- the German clasps from are of very high quality, and there are cheaper lower-quality single-folds from Taiwan sold by many other dealers. You might be able to make your own by combining parts from other clasps; I used a "hoop" from a Beck double-fold on a single-fold body from another source, The EOT "standard" single-fold 20 mm will also fit, snugly. While the others are looser, they have sharper edges and are more visually massive than the EOT, which is what I'm using now on the Chronissimo and my Oris Big Crown Commander.

    If the short end of the strap, where the buckle attachment is located, ends at the middle of the underside of your wrist, a single-fold is probably the best for you; that puts the hardware on the half of your wrist that's closest to your body, literally balancing the double-thickness of the strap on the other side. To use a double-fold, ideally you need to have a strap length and wrist size that ends up with the center of the clasp sitting right over the middle of your wrist. To use a double-fold on a Chronissimo, you will have to remove the flap intended to go under the buckle (you don't have to do that if you can wear a single-fold).
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